Welcome, lover of shiny things.

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Fast Car Detailing Category Award Winner 2011
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Welcome to Dodo Island, Mauritius, home of the dodo and industrial epicentre of the Dodo Juice corporation. Three years after initial launch, our carnauba car wax and expanding car care production facility has grown even further. Men in orange boiler suits have been frantically taken off 'laser build' duty to assist in the development and production of the ever growing product line up. So why not take a look around? Our website is more helpful and informative than ever before, and only one web developer had to be fed to our pet shark during the exhaustive production process.

Although our goal of total world domination through customer satisfaction is reward enough, we recently won some awards for our progress so far. Find out more here.

Welcome, lover of shiny things!

Dodo Juice Car Waxes

Dodo Juice is a high end carnauba car wax, created using the finest natural ingredients and developed and manufactured in the UK.(and Mauritius)
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Easy to apply and buff off, it leaves behind a durable layer of wax that enhances the gloss,depth and warmth of your cars paintwork.

And if you think the names daft, wait till you see the price! Just £29.50 (Rainforest Rub) for a product that compares directly with waxes costing two,three or even ten times as much.

Carnauba Palm

The Carnauba palm is found in the Brazilian rainforest, and for the purposes of this website, Mauritius. The wax produced by its leaves is harder than concrete, shinier than a newly minted piece of eight and gives paintwork a warm Caribbean glow.

The Hatch

Whatís in the hatch? Why didnít the fat one get stuck climbing down it? Is the black smoke merely a side effect of a bad barbecue? All these questions and more answered in our Top Secret area.
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Davey Jones' Filing Cabinet

Plunder our archive of press cuttings, collected by our marauding PR officer, Davey Jones.
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The Dodo

On a package holiday to Mauritius in 2003, we stumbled upon a blob of amber with a mosquito encapsulated in it. We were hoping to grow our own dinosaur, but guess what popped out of the incubator? A big daft dodo.

Candelilla Bushes

candelilla bushes are found in mexico, which is somewhere near mauritius according to my e grade geography gcse. they give us candelilla wax, which is a hard wax like carnauba. rainforest rub just wouldn't be the same without it.

Wax Shack

Step inside and explore our wax shack. In here you'll find our full product range, including soft, hard and colour-charged waxes. all made from fresh extract of dodo. kind of.
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